We harness data from space to improve our lives on earth

At SpaceQuest we use advanced technology to make space data insightful, accessible and impactful to businesses, governments, and individuals.

AI Technology

AI is advancing space exploration and providing more valuable data in scientific analysis, spacecraft operations and transportation systems, as well as deep space network.


Machine learning allows our database to build on the AI systems to extrapolate data by learning and discovering patterns for future predictions and scenarios..


Deep space is offering humans many opportunities we need to capture by using big data. Our mission is to simplify this data and make sure it is timely and relevant to improve our daily lives. .


Our software will help reduce data challenges and improve access to intelligence that will add value to your business strategies and knowledge across many verticals..

About Us

SpaceQuest aims to bring the wealth of space intelligence to your fingertips.

We achieve this through advanced AI/ML applications that help us collect, store, analyse and share data about earth – from space. Our mission is to democratise space intelligence and make it simple and valuable on our daily lives.

  • Data driven solutions
  • Across many industries
  • Accessible to everyone
  • Simplified data

Our space ‘data as a service platform’ will help you make more informed decisions, especially for long-term strategies that require a wider breadth and depth of data across multiple industries..

About Us

Our purpose is to democratise the space data market and share insights into our planet for the benefit of humanity and future generations

Many of the answers to our challenges on Earth can be found in Space, we only need to have a wider perspective to see the full picture

SpaceQuest Advisory services

Custom intelligence reports

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Workshops and trainings

Why Choose Us

We are on a mission to make real-time space data accessible and beneficial to all


Robust AI / ML technologies to support data driven decision making .


Plug and play software to enhance your business intelligence.


Easy data analytics and customised reporting to download and share

Space Data is the new Big Data

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Our purpose is to deliver excellence in service and execution.


Space data will accelerate Industry 4.0 and Web3.0 applications.

Our data helps create safer and more secure technologies.

Our Pricing

Please select from the pricing options below, contact us if you would like a tailor-made solution.


Free / 3 Days

Allows you limited access to enjoy our services, be sure to subscribe to benefit from our full data solutions

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$499 / Month

Get business and investment insights and 1 customised report per month. You will also have a dedicated support team to assist you.

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$999 / Month

With our plug and play solutions, you will have unlimited customisable data at your finger tips, and a dedicated support team to assist you

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